so I had been wondering for some time about the funding for the group opposed to bringing baseball to DC, "No DC Taxes for Baseball." This question first came to me when overnight, literally thousands of nice, printed signs appeared all over the city, and literally every lamp post in some parts of the city. I had asked in various places, like the Adams Morgan list serve, where the funding came from, and had always been told by people the funding came from from non-profits and groups like that, nice ones like DC Action for Children, Save DC Parks and Play Spaces, and Wider Opportunities for Women. However, WTOP Radio just posted this story saying that 20% of the group's budget came from a guy named Robert Siegel, who owns a bunch of porno theaters, adult bookstores, and gay nightclubs on the proposed site of the stadium, and who thus obviously would be opposed to it for financial reasons. I think this is ridiculous for a bunch of reasons, one being him having such a shallow and short-term viewpoint. I mean, you can put a nightclub anywhere! And secondly, the group's website, www.nodctaxesforbaseball.org just happens to not mention him as a donor. It makes me wonder who else gives money to the group and isn't mentioned, like Orioles owner Peter Angelos?

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