so today I realized I eat a lot of Zatarain's mixes, so I thought I'd say I like em. Zatarain's (pronounced zatteranns, I think) are these Cajun dinner mixes, you cook some chicken or sausage or beef, add some water and butter and simmer it, and you get some good shit. They have a lot of unusual Cajun stuff on their website, like mossy oak fish mix, whatever that is, but I like the rice ones. Caribbean rice is good, as are jambalaya, and I just had the Chicken Creole Mix today, good stuff. Pretty much all of them I've had are good. The pasta ones are tasty too, especially the alfredeaux sauce pasta (get it, cajun alfredo). Unfortunately I don't see that one much. So whatever, I recommend them. Easy, cheap, filling, and tasty, and there are vegetables.

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