so I was wondering the other day why there weren't more movies about Vikings. I think Vikings are really cool and interesting, and they'd make a great epic-type movie. Searching IMDB, the only semi-recent Viking-related movie I found was the 13th Warrior, which I have seen and is pretty enjoyable, but that's more of a cut-up-some-monsters kind of movie, rather than historical stuff about Vikings. I'm thinking an epic with different plotlines, starting with guys at a monastery in England getting raided by Vikings, some political wheelings and dealings by Vikings both in Scandanavia and Europe, the exploration and colonization of Iceland and Greenland (and even North America), and other raids and things. I mean, the Vikings were interesting folks, they conquered or settled a lot of land, like most of England, Normandy (they were the Normans), Iceland, Greenland, as well as being the founders of the country of Rus, which later became Russia. And with lots of swordfights and ocean voyages and such, it'd be really cool. You could have some hot blonde Viking-looking women too, who could be eye candy for the dudes, and the soundtrack could be by Sigur Ros and the Album Leaf. I'm thinking it'll be the same kind of movie as Last of the Mohicans or Lord of the Rings, Braveheart or Master and Commander. I'd go see this movie.


gizmo said...

Funny I should find your blog. I had a thought about vikings 2 nights ago. You are right, vikings are underrepresented in movies today (not so for commercials or games). If you are desperate for a viking experience, there is a great pc game called RUNE with an excellent soundtrack. There is a lot of hack and slashing and problem solving, but you leave with some unexplainable deeper attachment to and understanding of vikings. Alternatively look up the Asterix and Obelix books. Good stuff.


Mandi said...

Oooh....if you find, or make, that movie, let me know. I loved the last three movies you listed, so I'd probably dig it.

Andrew said...

there you go! the people want viking movies!