Rap Snacks

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So I saw these Lil Romeo chips at the hot dog stand near my work. Pretty funny stuff. The back says "The New No Limit/Universal Records presents Lil' Romeo. This prodigy to Master P is not only a soldier in training, but also his son. Following in his father's footsetps there is No Limit to his Universal appeal. With the release of his sophomore album, Game Time, Lil' Romeo is next in line to destroy the competition with his smash hit '2Way.' Album in stores June 2002!"

The last line worried me, since that might mean these are 3 year old chips. Or, since I see them a lot, maybe they just never updated the bag. They taste fine though - actually pretty good. Not that I want to be seen buying Lil Romeo chips all the time. What's odd is I've never seen any other rappers on bags of chips. You'd think Snoop Dogg chips or Lil Bow Wow or somebody would be popular too.

I know I was talking about selling out earlier, but man, If I were in a band, I'd love to be on a bag of chips. I wouldn't sell it at concerts though, just random places, hot dog stands, bodegas, vending machines, etc. Can you imagine buying Weezer chips at the 7-11 or something?

Also, I don't think you can be a "prodigy to" somebody. I assume they mean protege, but you still can't be a protege to somebody. This bag of chips needs a better copy editor. I will contact them about it via their awesome website, (no joke, it's awesome), www.rapsnacks.com

Update: Apparently there are also Dirt McGirt (aka Ol Dirty Bastard) Sour Cream and Onion chips. Man, I want some of those. However, he hasn't used the name Dirt McGirt for awhile, so they must be old too. Plus, RIP ODB.


handels said...

oh man i flipped when i saw those chips for the first time at a hotdog cart on L street in 2001 or 2002 - and the chips are actually good!

beth said...

thats possibly on teh list of the best things ever and need to live