so I read today that NBA has a new rule making players dress "business casual" and forbidding them from wearing visible jewelry, like gold chains and medallions and stuff, while on "team business." I think this is stupid, the NBA is not middle school. If a player wants to wear a chicken suit or a shako or a medallion that says "I Like Waffles" or whatever, who cares? It doesn't interfere with them taking a plane to the next game or talking to the media, so what does it matter if it they do it? It's their personalities and should be their right. I liked it when Dennis Rodman would wear weird crap. What a pointless rule. I guess they're trying to make people forget about the Pacers brawl fiasco by trying to get rid of some of the vestiges of hip-hop culture or whatever, but a dude in a suit isn't going to make me forget players fighting in the stands. And despite the fight, I'm still going to watch the games, whatever players wear before and after them.

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