so I guess I spoke this without even knowing it: Appalachian English. I barely have an accent, but I use a lot of the vocabulary.

For example, "pen" and "pin" are the same sound to me, I say "greasy" like "greazy," "Appalachia" as "App-a-latch-ah," "chaw" for chewing tobacco, "Coke" for any kind of soda, "I reckon," etc. Some of my relatives say even more, like "warsh" for "wash," "polecat," "skillet," "fixin to" and so on. Some of my older relatives say "yonder" and "touched," and when I worked at Kroger (a grocery store) they used to call going out to get the shopping carts "buggy duty." Hooray for regional dialects.

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Anonymous said...

this is fantastic! i say greazy too. we're so hip-hop ;)

thanks for this post, it made me chuckle a little.