so I got this MP3 in my email the other day, "Acceptable in the 80s" by Calvin Harris. He's a Scottish guy who fronts a disco goofball group, a bit like a more funky, jokier Hot Chip or a straight version of the Scissor Sisters. His first album "I Created Disco" is set to come out in the US September 4th. Apparently he made it on an old Amiga computer.

The music is pretty bass heavy and definitely fits with the album title. About the music, he says "Disco disappeared, didn't it? Everyone got sick of it. Now I'm reviving it, with space goggles, or something." His Scottish accent and occasional falsetto makes the vocals almost comical, but it fits.

Considering they're all disco dancey songs, they're diverse. "Rock N Roll Attitude" on his Myspace page has repetitive plucked bass like a lost !!! song, and "Merrymaking at My Place" is a jokey jam about partying with funnily repetitive lyrics like "Come into my house/You're invited into my house/Enter in the back of my house/" and so on about going into his house. "Wild Scenes" has choppy samples like a Daft Punk song, and so on.

It's fun stuff, here's the video for "Acceptable in the 80s." The rodent thing in the video has his own Myspace page too.

Official site

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