A bus blew up by my old house

Fwd: bus!
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so this is across the street from where I used to live in Logan Circle. Pretty nuts. It was Friday on Rhode Island Ave NW between 11th and 12th. I saw and could smell the smoke from blocks away when I got off the Metro and went over to see what was going on. By the time I got there, it was just a charred, smoking bus because the firemen had put it out, but my old roommates (who took the picture) told me about it, as did my current roommate's girlfriend, who lives in the house right where the trolley is. Apparently it was on the way to get repairs and started smoking, then boom! The only person on it was the driver, who had gotten off before the explosion, and nobody was hurt. Yikes!

I wrote about it for DCist and the fire department has more photos and a video, which is wild.

(This photo is by Kiki Schneider.)

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