I lost the Nationals game

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So my buddy Cam called me yesterday and said he had tickets to the Nationals-Astros game and was I interested? I said hell yes and went. Turns out they were awesome seats, the 5th row behind home plate. So nice they even have cushions and a server. Pretty cool. I looked at them and they said $120. Apparently the bank of the company where Cam works had them and he got them.

Anyway, it was pretty fun, the players in the on deck circle (and even the Astros dugout) were really close, so I decided to heckle them. My first target was Hunter Pence, a rookie. He was standing in the on deck circle and I yelled "Hey Pence, I've never heard of you!" Some folks laughed, but then the guy batting was out and the inning was over.

Next inning, Mr. Pence was up first and kept fouling it off. I yelled "Hey Pence, you're hitting it the wrong way!" and then, the next pitch, he hit a home run. Considering how close I was, I assume he heard me. So that was pretty funny. I was wondering if he'd look my way on the way back, but I don't think he did. It put the Astros up 3-2, and they went on to win 4-2. You can actually see the homer on his player page above, where it says "Pence's homer 400k".

So after that I only heckled the presidents, such as "Hey Teddy, your brother's better!" to the Teddy Roosevelt mascot. It was fun, but too bad the Nats lost. Luckily the Nats did win two of the three games in the series with the Astros.

The game also reaffirmed my love of heckling. Cam and I used to hekcle it all the time at GW women's basketball games because everybody could hear you, due to the small crowds. And GW was good, so that helped. Usually it was pretty harmless or dumb stuff, making fun of the opposing coach, making dumb puns, saying nonsense.

I wish I were a rich guy who could afford those Nats seats and I could just sit there and yell dumb stuff at the opposing team all day. It's fun. I think most of the people sitting around me laughed a couple times, and I only got a couple nasty looks. I consider that a success. Aside from the game losing home run.

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