so one of my roommates is moving out and i am not having a lot of luck finding someone to replace her. so i am going to write MTV and ask for one of their real world rejects:

Dear MTV,
One of my roommates is moving out and my other roommate and I were wondering if you could send us one of the rejects or back-ups from the Real World. I know there must be lots of back-ups, because sometimes when people leave, like that boring female cop on the first or second season, new people come in. And there are people who probably just missed getting on the show but are still pretty cool. We would prefer that you send us one of the "hot chick" or the "exhibitionist chick" characters, but the "funny guy" role would be ok too. Please do not send us the small town close-minded person, or the grumpy guy, the whiny girl, or the alcoholic. If you want to film our house, that would be allright too.


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