so i am bored. i'm at work with not a lot to do and checked all my email and been to every website and bothered everybody on my buddy list. so i found this pretty cool website to pass my time with, artistdirect.com. it's a music site with biographies and discographies of pretty much every band ever, it's pretty interesting. i listen to netscape radio at work, which is like a streaming internet radio thing where you can pick different channels, like indie or old school rap or whatever, and when i hear a band i like but don't know much about, I check them out on artistdirect. pretty cool. and you can play the netscape radio from the site, you don't have to download anything, which is good. it has clued me into a lot of bands i've been hearing about but have never heard and some i had never heard of. to get there, just click "radio" on the top left on the main netscape page, netscape.com. it'll pop up the radio player and you are good to go. i like the "new indie", "indie rock mix", "indie rock" (which i guess is different than the indie rock mix), "90s alternative", "90's indie", "brit pop", and "old skool" channels. so that's how i spend a lot of time, in between maps, reading about weird bands and writing them down. i have a million post-its with random songs on them. mostly creed.

now it's time for a joke i made up:

what did elton john say when he joined the french army during world war II?

hold me closer, german panzer

it's funnier if you sing the punch line to the tune of "tiny dancer". ho ho ho.

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