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Corey Worthington (born March 21, 19911, and also known as '''Corey Worthington Delaney''' and '''Corey Delaney''') is an Australian, best known for holding a large party that was reported worldwide.

Worthington hosted a party at his family's house in the Narre Warren area of Melbourne on the night of January 12, 2008 while his parents were away on holiday at the Gold Coast.2 The party eventually had 500 attendees and there was subsequent vandalism around the neighborhood. Thirty police officers were called in, including a police helicopter and the dog squad.3

The BBC reported that police were attacked with bottles and stones, and that police blamed alcohol consumption on a lack of adult supervision.4

After appearances on Australian news programs, such as an A Current Affair interview by Leila McKinnon,5 Worthington became an internet phenomenon.

The Sydney Morning Herald called the interview "farcical", that Worthington "comprehensively steam-rolled" McKinnon and that "Within minutes of going online, McKinnon's tabloid TV tut-tutting had backfired, transforming Corey, who was interviewed shirtless with his pierced nipple on show, from naughty schoolboy to international hero."5

Some saw his celebrity as symbolic. The International Herald-Tribune wrote an article on Worthington's rise to fame, saying his "rise from obscurity is a modern morality tale, but it is one that reverses traditional values, rewarding disrespect for parents and property with the holy grail of Generation Z endeavors: celebrity" and saying he is "one of the world's most famous teenagers."6 A Sydney Morning Herald columnist used Worthington as an example of why "the letter i will define this decade," and joked "Oh hell, let's call it the decade of Corey."7 Radar Magazine called him "a legend" 8 while other news sources called him "the face of teenage rebellion,"9 a "moron,"10 and a "brat."2

Worthington lives with his mother, Jo Worthington and stepfather Steve Delaney.11 Worthington had left school and was working as a trainee carpenter before the party.12 He said his "real name" is Corey Worthington, not Delaney as has been reported.13

==The party==

Worthington sent out the invitation to his party via text messaging,14 Myspace and Facebook, reading:15
Oh yea party at Mine Saturday 12th Jan.
BYO chicks and grog
No knives, rents will cracK it at me
An estimated 500 people came to the party, and Worthington said many were strangers and that he had no part in the ensuing "melee" as the BBC put it.4

==After the party==

After the party, Worthington appeared on numerous television programs, and it was reported that his parents may be fined up to A$20,000 for the party.16 He was unapologetic during the McKinnon interview on ''A Current Affair'', appearing with an open jacket and no shirt, refusing to take off his sunglasses because they were "famous," and responding to the question "What would say to other kids who were thinking of partying when their parents were out of town?" with "Get me to do it for you. Best party ever so far, that's what everybody's been saying."16

Following the party, the Police Commissioner wrote an open letter asking young people to be aware of the power of SMS and the internet.17

Since his news appearances, Worthington has hired an agent, Max Markson,2 and has gone into party promoting,18 going on an international DJ tour19 including stops at British resorts Brighton, Torquay, and Blackpool.20 He has also been "earmarked" to host the Big Brother television series on Network Ten in Australia,18 signed a deal with Zoo Weekly which could be worth up to A$10,000, has signed a deal to host a party called "Not So Narre"20, and has been offered a deal to run underage clubs.18 He gave his sunglasses to Zoo Weekly who are holding a contest for them, calling them "most famous item of clothing in Australian history."21

He also received the "Best Week Ever" award from the Best Week Ever television show.

Live News in Australia reported Worthington was attacked outside a shopping mall a few days after the party,22 but other news sources are considering that the fight may have been a hoax.23

A take-off on Worthington has been used in advertisements in Australia as well.24 There have since been Corey Worthington impersonators at parties as well.25

Worthington's notoriety also spawned the creation of Slap Corey, a website game where users can "slap" a picture of Worthington. The site had been accessed nearly a million times as of late January.26 27

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