so sometimes I think the TV media is wrong on purpose. The Super Tuesday primaries are a big example, they've been saying for weeks that after today it's all settled, the end. Then lo and behold, it's not! Big story! What happened! And they have a suddenly lot more to talk about. It's happened a bunch of times before, seemingly after every primary. Obama won Iowa! Huge! He's president! He's going to win New Hampshire! No wait, Clinton won New Hampshire! She's back! Etc etc, on and on.

I think they jump to conclusions too quickly so they'll have something for all the talking heads to talk about, then when their conclusion is wrong, they have even more to talk about.

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Elizabeth the Conqueror said...

Well you also have to remember that in elections past Super Tuesday usually gave everyone a good idea of who was going to be the frontrunner for a given party. I will admit that this year they were completely stupid because the race for the democratic nod has been tough and extremely close the whole time. The fact that they thought this year would be like other years is completely dumb.