so a couple days ago I wrote about how I created a Corey Worthington page on Wikipedia. I thought that was pretty cool, it was a funny topic and inexplicable to me that there wasn't already an article for him.

Well, the page was deleted about 6 hours later, which I think is crazy. The kid's all over the news, even now, weeks later. Try doing a Google News search for "corey worthington." (He explains that his name is Worthington, not Delaney, which was in the Wikipedia page, but hey.)

To me, he clearly deserves an article. Wikipedia people are saying he's only notable for one event, which 1. Is dumb, tons of people are only notable for one event, and 2. I would argue he's more famous not for the party but for the appearances on the media and people's reactions to them. Tons of people have parties and get busted, not many become international phenomena because of it - BBC, AP, International Herald Tribune, Best Week Ever, all over Youtube, Facebook groups, a website where you can slap him, and locally, a card for a 9:30 Club dance night which I happened to see today (and which I scanned, at right).

To me it seems like people don't like the kid, so they're trying to get the page erased. That's actually in Wikipedia policy as "arguments to avoid when deleting something". The page was deleted once before pretty soon after the Youtube video came out, and that even spurred news coverage.

Here's the discussion about whether the page should be undeleted or not. I'm "AW".

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