so it's Valentine's Day. Time for the annual "Valentine's Day is stupid" post. To me, it's a dumb attempt by restaurants and crap salesmen to have people buy crap they wouldn't otherwise buy (chocolates, bears, etc) and buy overpriced meals to tell somebody you love them. Because nothing says love more than forced and expected purchases. And then they try to guilt you in to doing it, if you don't, you don't love that person.

Maybe I'm a grouch, but I'd rather be told that somebody loves me randomly, not on some day when people are supposed to do it. To me it's just another day, but with more balloons on the Metro.


Anonymous said...

The best part of Valentine's Day is watching the idiot businessmen line up to buy flowers from the vendor by the Dupont south Metro entrance. (Who just has to make a killing on this day every year.)

I just wanted to tell them that buying some $5 falling apart roses ten minutes before going home probably isn't going to help them get anywhere with the lady friend.

But it sure is entertaining, for people like us.

- Aaron

Andrew said...

True, good point. The flower dudes at Judiciary Square quadrupled their prices or something

Valerie said...

But Andrew! Without utterly pointless soul-sucking and cash-sucking holidays like this, what reason would I have for making such a sweet mspaint graphic???