so here's another funny Wikipedia thing. I went to Farragut High School in Farragut, TN.

Farragut High School was built by the community in 1904 and was named after Admiral David Farragut. The school is known for excellence in both athletics and academics, and is routinely ranked as the best in the state, and among the top fifty public high schools in the nation[citation needed]. In a recent study done by the University of Tennessee penis sizes of males who attended Farragut High School and ran cross country, were found to be, on average, much larger than the national averages.

Farragut was incorporated on January 16, 1980. The first mayor and aldermen were elected April 1, 1980. Part of the $500 million Turkey Creek shopping, office, and housing development, begun in the late 1990s, is within the town's borders. Farragut is also well known for the high quality of cannabis that can be found within it's borders. Many around the nation consider Farragut, Tennessee one of the premier marijuana consuming town in the nation.

Hey, if it's on Wikipedia is has to be true, right. Here's the link, those parts have since been removed.

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