so be on the lookout for a scamming lady. The other day I was leaving work walking towards the Metro at Judiciary Square. This short lady who was fairly well dressed stopped me and asked if I knew anything about electric door locks. I said no, sorry and started to walk off. She said "well can I ask you something?" and right then I knew what was going on.

She had spiky hair and whiskers on her face, which was odd. She said she was a lawyer at a firm in Baltimore (I forget the name) asked my name, and said she locked her keys in her car, a BMW. Etc etc, she wanted money for cab fare home to Aspen Hill and promised she'd come back and pay me double. I told her there was a fire department office in the building, but she said no because of the liability, and so on. I didn't fall off the pumpkin truck, so after trying politely to help I said "I'm sorry ma'am, I have to go" and started to walk towards the Metro. Then she jumped in my face and yelled "faggot ass mother fucker!" at me and a few other similar things. I was pretty surprised and started to look for a cop, but didn't find any. She was talking to more people, so I got the building security folks and they ushered her away - she went onto the Metro, I guess forgetting about her car.

Then when I came home and told my roommate about my adventure, he said the exact thing happen to him awhile ago when he was on the Metro - same lady asking about cars and she cussed him out when he said no. She's a short black lady with spiky hair and whiskers on her face. So if you see her, beware. Or call the cops.

Honestly though, if you're going to be a scammer, don't cuss people out when they figure you out. How's that going to convince anybody else that you're trustworthy? "Well she did just call that guy a faggot ass mother fucker. I'm sure she's telling the truth. Here's 20 bucks."


emma discovery said...

i always tell people who ask me for money, no matter how legit they look, that i don't carry cash. it's sometimes true - more often than not, really, and is easier, to me, than just saying no.

that said, my current favorite scammer is this girl who was sitting on the concrete planter outside NPR. she looked about 12, and was in her school uniform, with her backpack, and with a school book out beside her. she asked me for fifty cents and i gave her my "sorry, i don't carry cash" line and went inside. i felt a little guilty saying no to a kid, so i asked gary, my friend at the front desk, if she was legit and he was like nooo she is always out there asking people for money.

first of all, good scam. i bet a lot of people aren't as steely as i. and secondly, i wonder if she's just trying to get some candy, or if she brings in good money. and thirdly, i wonder if she's a self-starter, or if her parents get her to do it, or if they know she does it, or if she learned it watching them.

William Foster Jefferson said...

Sounds like mom got out again. Sorry