The Clientele and the Ladybug Transistor

The Clientele
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so i went to see the Clientele and the Ladybug Transistor yesterday at the Black Cat. I'd seen the Ladybug Transistor before, they're kind of mellow 60s-ish rock with a lot of country twang and subject matter, though I had them confused with somebody else, the Lucksmiths. The Lucksmiths are Australian and the lead singer plays the snare drum while standing, so when the lead singer of the Ladybug Transistor did neither, it was obvious I was wrong. I saw them together at DC9 awhile ago, thus the confusion. But they were good, and I remembered some of their songs from before. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, and they were funny on stage, making jokes about owls and things.

The Clientele are similiarly mellow and 60s-ish, but not twangy. They're English and the lead singer is hilariously British. He looks really British, kind of like a young Paul McCartney and sings like an average of all the Beatles, though more breathy, and he had a very English sense of humor onstage - kind of borderline jerk but still funny. Plus the keyboard player is hot, though my pal, who is female, just thought she was cool. Good show.

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