so I write about this every year: Valentine's Day is the stupidest holiday. You're supposed to buy your loved one crap they don't need, like teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, or jewelry, then take them out to eat at a restaurant that is two or three times as expensive, and two or three times as packed, as it normally would be. No thanks, I'm good.

It's such a vapid, commercialized holiday - how is being forced to buy somebody something because everybody else is doing it an expression of love? You should do nice things for your loved one whenever, not when some stupid holiday tells you to. I keep seeing ads for Vermont Teddy Bears - those motherfuckers are expensive! $60 and up! What, is it full of gold or something? Is it life size? Does it actually walk around and roar and grab salmon out of rivers? I might pay $60 for that.

I'm single, but I could care less about that. But another crappy thing about this holiday is that I always see people who are single feeling worse about themselves. Wow, great holiday, let's have more like that. "Hey everybody, it's feel shitty day! Let's have the opposite of a party!" Good thing Valentines Day doesn't come around every month.

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