Not Coffee
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So I like coffee drinks. Espresso based stuff, lattes, mochas, etc. I've noticed though that a few times when I order a mocha, they give me a hot chocolate. It's happened a few places, the Au Bon Pain at Union Station, the Starbucks on U and 13th. I mean, it's easier to make and I guess they expect people not to notice, but it's annoying. I like the bite from the espresso, and it's pretty easy to notice when it's not there.

Unfortunately I don't usually drink it until I've walked a ways, because it's hot, so I usually don't go back. The one time I did at the ABP, and the manager knew who did it immediately. It's pretty lame. Anybody else have this problem? I mean, if I order a beer at a bar, I expect not to get an O'Douls or something.


Anonymous said...

My roommate is a mystery shopper. She gets sent to Starbucks all the time. She is instructed to order a certain kind of drink and take its temperature and stuff. She is so sick and tired of getting the same drink all the time. So, she just gives it to the homeless.

My big annoyance is how you have to adamantly insist that you don't want tomatoes. Tomatoes are in everything, and I can't stand them. They are hard to avoid, and servers always give you the tomatoes even when you asked that they not be given. Sometimes I want to tell the server that I have a tomato allergy. But, I'm too honest.

Andrew said...

that's a pretty cool job anon! though I don't know about tomatoes, since i like em.