so I heard this new band somewhere, the Fratellis, and I really like them. They're Scottish and if you wanted to compare them to a recent band, I'd say the Libertines were a good fit. However, to me they sound a lot more like the Jam or Stiff Little Fingers - loose, high energy, punky rock. The singer's voice also sounds a lot like a combo of the lead singers of those two bands, Paul Weller and Jake Burns.

Their Myspace has four songs, all of which are pretty good, with "Guterrati" the most Stiff Little Fingers-ish, and "Flathead," which is also on an iTunes commercial, which is more Jam-my.

And here's "Chelsea Dagger", which I think is their single. There's a video of them performing it too.

They only have an EP out in the US so far, their album comes out 3-3-07.


erin said...

i really like them, too. but now 'chelsea dagger' is in a safeway commercial and that's just weird!

sarah said...

any band that namechecks the goonies is alright by me!

Andrew said...

erin, that is weird. like, "hey boss, let's find a scottish band that doesn't have a CD out in the US. How about the Pipettes? No?"

and sarah, good point!