so there is some great news lately. First, Tom Delay is resigning, which is probably the best political thing I can think of (besides maybe Bush, Cheney etc resigning), and second, a fan tossed a syringe near Barry Bonds, and this website is really funny: engrish.com. It's a collection of poorly translated English in Japan - food, instructions, and so on. I think the best are the shirts, which are hilarious. Some of them you can sort of figure out what they're trying to say, but some are just nonsense. Apparently it's cool to wear shirts with English on them over there.


alex! said...

My friend Dez from GW lived in japan for a few years after graduation and she brought me back a shirt once that said "Don't give offense to me. Obstinate Monkey."

It is one of the best shirts I own. The problem is it's a Japanese large, which translates to an American medium, making it very uncomfortable to wear.

Andrew said...

haha, nice