So there’s this lady at my office who talks extremely loudly, she is unable to converse at a normal level. It’s pretty damn annoying, and she isn’t very old so I assume she isn’t going deaf. It’s especially irritating when she has to go to a cubicle next to me. For example, I have Daft Punk at full volume in my headphones right now and I can still hear every word about whatever it is she’s talking about. And usually it’s her whining about something and then being wrong about it. And it’s the worst when she’s on a speakerphone - it’s like she has a boombox, but instead of Run-DMC it's a guy talking about the tax code. I think I may do that myself, carry a boombox down the street blasting some debate about withholding. Holla! Form D-40EZ, what what!

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