so it's about damn time: DC has a baseball team. Unfortunately, we don't have Vlad Guerrero or Javier Vazquez, who left as free agents when MLB wouldn't let the team increase its payroll, but we have a team nonetheless. The Post has some great articles and a lousy one by Sally Jenkins who complains that stadiums have no economic benefit. I wrote her a letter telling her to look at Denver, where the area around the new stadium is booming thanks to investment and planning by the city, just as DC is planning on doing. Anyway, I'm going to go buy an Expos hat and wear it until we get a new name. I am liking Wilbon's argument for Grays, which is the old Negro League team in DC. The Greys were really good and had Josh Gibson, one of the greatest players ever (said to have hit 84 home runs in a season), and "Cool" Papa Bell, another great player with a great name. Senators would be ok too, Washington's major league team's name twice, or Nationals, another old name.

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