so I saw the Thrills again the other day, along with a band called the Zutons. It was an alright show, the Thrills were not as good as last time. The Thrills' lead singer, Conor Deasy, seems to have gotten cockier and more frontman-ish, making more grand movements and hand gestures, and the band wasn't as tight musically as the last show. They also played a lot of new stuff which didn't seem as catchy or fun as the first CD, which I love. It seemed like the fun was more forced, I guess. And a lot of their merchandise mentioned their apparently new single, "Whatever Happened to Corey Haim," which is really not that funny of an idea, I think. So that is kind of lame, it's as if they are trying to capitalize on that idea rather than the music. The Zutons were pretty enjoyable, although they sounded exactly like the Coral to me, both in the lead singer's voice and psychedelic/circusy instrumentation. It's interesting that both the Zutons (aged 20-23) and the Coral are made up of really young guys, maybe that leads them to be influenced by the same things. They put on a pretty good show though, and if you are interested check out their site, http://www.thezutons.co.uk/zuteconstruct/

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