so stuff in the news is making me mad recently. Cat Stevens was deported today because he showed up on a government watch list, which is ridiculous. He converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf Islam, but he wrote songs about peace and issued statements after 9-11 saying terror was not part of Islam. We re-released the obviously very inflammatory song "Peace Train" to protest the war in Iraq, but last time I checked, that was legal. An anonymous goverment person said they suspect he may have donated money to the guy who did the first World Trade Center bombing and also to Hamas, but I bet you if he weren't Muslim and his name was still Cat Stevens, he'd be in D.C. today.

A thorough Yahoo article

A not-as-thorough Post article

And furthermore, the Swift Boat Veterans have put out a new ad saying Kerry met secretly with North Vietnamese officials. It was secret, if your definition of secret means he told Congress during a public hearing. And he was visiting peace negotiations in order to research the war. It's probably not the best idea for him to have done, but still they are obviously trying to imply that he gave secrets to the Communists, which I think is ridiculous. Unfortunately, it seems like people don't like to hear the explanations Kerry gives about things he does.


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