So i was watching "Showgirls" the movie, the other day. That movie is incredible. However, it's incredible because it's full of attractive girls who are naked most of the time, and yet it's painful to watch. I mean I can put up with a lot to see some nudity, but man, that movie is terrible. All of the overacting and annoying characters and cheesy crap eliminated the fun of watching girls dance around. And i thought that could never be done.

So in it's place I recommend "Family Business" on Showtime, it follows a real-life pornstar named Seymour Butts (real name: Adam) who now directs and markets his videos and toys and things of that nature. His mom is his accountant and his weird old cousin is his assistant (or something). It’s a pretty funny show, Adam is a likable guy and the cousin is pretty hilarious, he reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld, he’s always getting into weird adventures. There is some nudity, but, and I never though I’d say this, it’s not gratuitous. It’s sort of cool because it’s an interesting show, and the nudity is rare enough to make it an event when it happens, the show isn’t just an excuse to show boobies. Plus it’s funny to hear Adam talk with his mom about how they need to order 200 more copies of Tushie Attack Volume 3. Check it out! (I hope that link works, I posted it at work and so obviously could not check it.)

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