Jail Marion Barry

so today I was reading the Express on the bus, and saw an article about how Marion Barry has once again not paid his taxes. The former mayor and current DC Councilmember didn't pay taxes on most of what he earned from 1999 to 2004, but instead of going to jail, the judge said "ok, make sure you pay them next year." He didn't pay them next year, so they gave him three years of probation. And guess what? He didn't pay them in 2007 either.

Federal prosecutors say he hasn't filed on time in 8 of the last 9 years. That's ridiculous -- why is he not in jail? If any other person did this, they'd be facing a huge fine or in jail. Prosecutors want him sent to jail, but they give the judge a way out too - she can have him come into court to explain his actions. And if he doesn't get jail time, prosecutors will request a two-year extension to his probation. What? That's already happened twice, he should go to jail. Ridiculous.

DCist writes about an NBC reporter who talked to him, and Barry claimed not to have heard anything about it. When the reporter offered to show him the complaint, but Barry refuses. I'm so tired of this guy.

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Solomon said...

Awww, poor Marion. You know he was too busy worrying about his dialysis to let a little thing like taxes bother him again. At least he had a good excuse this time, I think for the first time *ever* hahaha

He's what? 85 years old now? Not that many years left to be a tax evadee. (or an Enemy Evadee, for that matter. See my comment on your 2005 post. That was the best I could remember, it's been years since I've heard the term or asked about it.)

Cheers and/or Beers

Of course if any of us ordinary folks skipped out on as much taxes as he has, we'd be in the slammer. It can't be helped - even though it SHOULD.