Bill Cunningham is a liar

So I was taking a cab back from a Super Bowl party and the cabbie had the radio on. He was listening to this show by a guy named Bill Cunningham, who I'd never heard of before. He was a pretty conservative host, talking about Obama and Pelosi doing bad stuff, the usual. Then before commercial, he said to this effect: "there's 6 inches of snow on the ground in Washington, DC, how about that global warming, you liberals?!"

Well, Bill is wrong. There are zero inches of snow in Washington, DC, because I live there. Apparently Bill does his show from Cincinnati. There was maybe an inch of snow on Thursday or so, but today it was 65 degrees in DC and the snow is long gone. I've never heard Mr. Cunningham's show before, but it seems like he just makes up crap. Pretty lame.

Here's his Wikipedia. I tried to call his show to tell him he was wrong, but it was constantly busy.

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