Facebook ads have gone crazy

so I keep noticing more and more ridiculous ads on Facebook. They went from the usual attractive girl advertising a dating site to just downright crazy - I saw one of a girl with a see-through shirt advertising something, and this one, which is just crazy - make sure you don't click on it at work: link.

What is this? I really doubt Google would make an ad with a girls boobs standing in as the Os in "Google." And the ad text is weird too. It's getting to be annoying, since I check Facebook at work, and sometimes they aren't the usual ads with the thumbs up and thumbs down, they're big banner ads. Annoying.

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Fredo said...

These sorts of ads have been poppiing up a lot when I look at facebook, but never anything *that* well-endowed! On that note, I've clicked on some of these ads to see what they're pushing and I get the distinct feeling that Google doesn't have any direct connection with it.