so today I was called by a political campaign, and they asked me to donate. I'd already donated, so I said not now. The girl said, well how about in a month or so? I said sure, and she got my info and said she'd send out a packet then. I said great.

Then five hours later, I got another call from a smarmy sounding guy who said he was doing "quality control" (didn't say for whom) and wanted to confirm my address and that I had said yes to donating. It seemed odd and sketched me out. I asked if he was working for the campaign, and he said "we're doing work for them" or "working with them" or something. It was weird. Maybe I'm easily sketched out (and it was from the same phone number, when I checked back) but why do that? I mean, is there a rash of campaign staffers putting down fake donations? Seems odd to me. I thought maybe it was some kind of weird push-polling or opposition research or something. Probably not the best impression to give if you're trying to get money. Yikes.

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