Canada Day

So yesterday was Canada Day. A bunch of my coworkers are Canadian, so we went to the Canadian Embassy for their celebration. It was pretty cool - free (good) hot dogs and burgers, free poutine, which is French fries, gravy, and cheese curds, and free Canadian beer.

Good beer too, they had the usual Molson and Labatt's, but I got Alexander Keith's IPA from Nova Scotia and something called Kokanee, a light lager.

I feel like people should start celebrating Canada Day like they do Cinco de Mayo. You could drink beer, eat poutine, play the Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene - it'd be a good time.

Something else I noticed at the embassy were the girls. Canadian girls all either looked like sorority girls, or (the majority) were cute and nice and sweet. I didn't see a single grumpy unattractive girl. Maybe I should move to Montreal or Vancouver.

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