so I really like Ratatat. I saw them awhile ago at the Black Cat and the show was fantastic - loud, bombastic, explosive, etc etc. They're playing tonight at the 9:30 Club and I don't think I can make it, but if anybody else can, I recommend it - it's loud, completely instrumental, video-game sounding electronic rock that builds and builds until it blows up. Maybe not a unique description, but they sound different from anybody else - the first thing I thought of when I heard them was "Castlevania." And they put on a really great show at the Black Cat with fog machines and a light show, I've got to assume it will be even better at 9:30.

And I also found this unreleased album by them on the net, it's a bunch of shortish instrumental tracks from before their debut album. It's called "9 Beats" and isn't as explosive as the new stuff, but is pretty good. Apparently it's pretty collectible too.

Here's the album, get it while it's up.

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