so this is one of the many reasons i like Wikipedia. Sometimes people post really funny nonsense like this, about DJ Sven and MC Miker G, the people behind "Holiday Rap" (which I wrote about before, and the Little Superstar video)

* MC Miker G once claimed to own Madison Square Gardens. This was disproved in July 2003, when the real owners filed for a restraining order on MC Miker G, as he would often sit on the steps outside the main gates, begging for loose change.

* DJ Sven owns the largest collection of Coca-Cola cans in the world. some estimates have speculated that the collection is well in excess of 10,000 seperate cans. they are stored in a disused school, and visitors to the collection must pay a fee for the upkeep of the cans.

* DJ Sven is a member of MENSA, with an IQ well in excess of 300.

* DJ Sven is often credited in certain scientific circles as the main catalyst behind the creation of string theory. this is largely rejected by most of the scientific community, however, as DJ Sven has never shown any interest in higher level physics, nor has he any qualifications in the scientific fields.

* MC Miker G was registered blind in January 2004, shortly after he drove a stolen lorry into a pile of stacked boxes. It was later confirmed that he had stacked the boxes.

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