so here is some cool new music.

* There's a new Sloan CD, called "Never Hear the End Of It". Sloan are a power pop band who are huge in Canada but virtually unknown here. I have a few of their albums, such as "Navy Blues" and "Action Pact", and "Twice Removed" has been called the best CD in Canadian history. I like the new stuff on their Myspace page - "Who Taught You to Live Like That?" is rollicking like like Thin Lizzy (and broke records on Canada's iTunes) and "Listen to the Radio" is good also. Apparently it has 30 songs too. Cool.

* I noticed Working for a Nuclear Free City because they had a big and unusual name. Insound said it's the "sound of techno music played on guitars and is like nothing else you'll hear this year." To me they sound more like the Beta Band and less like VHS or Beta, or like a hipster version of the Super Furry Animals or a peppier Spiritualized. "Rocket" is pretty good, it's a bit of Coldplayish soaring, but sounds like it'd be good live. I don't quite agree with the crazily positive reviews, but then again they're English and the British music press does that sometimes.

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