so I was looking at the CDs released this week and saw a band called the Slumber Party Girls. I figured this was a pretty funny name for one of those twee indie girl bands, like Pony Up! or All Girl Summer Fun Band, or maybe an even funnier name for a band with all dudes. But unfortunately it's one of those manufactured teenie-bop pop groups, which makes it one of the lamest, most uncreative band names I can think of. "I want a group to make cheesy, stupid music for girls' slumber parties. I'll call the band the Slumber Party Girls." Why not just call it "The Band For Girls Who Like 'That's So Raven' and 'Lizzie McGuire'"?


Jonathan R. Rees said...

What's you opinion about the new Chili Pepper's CD?

Andrew said...

The one song I heard I liked. So what are you doing nowadays Mr. Rees?

Jonathan R. Rees said...


Now-a-days, I am traveling between DC and Puerto Rico on business and debating with my wife which Temple we will join. Most likely Temple Micah since we've both been absent the spiritual world since college days.

Your blog is nice.