so here's Ye Olde Concert List

Tues June 6 - We Are Wolves, The Roosevelt and the Explorers Club at DC9. This one was noted on DCist, the Explorers Club are one of the bands on Myspace I like, they're super 60s Beach Boys poppy rock stuff, I enjoy it. We Are Wolves are one of those innumerous bands with Wolf in the name, which generally means they're angular and jagged and stuff.

FRI JUNE 9- ! ! ! , LANSING-DREIDEN $13 mainstage 9:30pm Black Cat. This one I'm realy looking forward to. !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk) is indie-funk, if that makes any sense. Hipsters playing funk. Lansing-Dreiden is an art project/band, their CD is basically three parts - 60s garage, 80s post-rock stuff, and electro. I'm surprised they're touring, as they are apparently pretty mysterious and won't appear for interviews and things.

SUN JUNE 11- THE SPINTO BAND, DR DOG, THE LOVELY FEATHERS $10 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat. Spinto Band are catchy, a little bit twee dudes from Nashville, and I saw Dr. Dog awhile ago at DC9, they were good.

Sun June 11, Starlight Mints with Dios Malos and Octopus Project Fletchers (Baltimore) - Starlight Mints are a really catchy band, and Octopus Project are pretty fun too. I love this video by Starlight Mints, hope they play it. Hipster muppets.

Tues June 13, Starlight Mints with Octopus Project North Star (Philly) - ditto. I'd really like to see them, but I don't know if I can get up to Philly or not for that.

WED JUNE 21- HAND-FED BABIES, BOY EATS DRUM MACHINE $7 backstage 9:00 Black Cat. I dunno either band, but Boy Eats Drum Machine is a pretty great name.

SUN JULY 9- CAMERA OBSCURA, GEORGIE JAMES $12 mainstage 8:30 Black Cat. Camera Obscura are Scottish and twee (like Belle and Sebastian), but don't really sound much like Belle and Sebastian - I saw them awhile ago and they were fun. Georgie James is two people from DC I believe, neither of whom are named Georgie James - they're named Laura Burhenn (who is very easy on the eyes) and John Davis (who is not the guy from Superdrag or Korn, but used to be in Q and Not U). I like their stuff on their Myspace page.

SUN JULY 23- DIPLO, CSS, BONDE DO ROLE $13 Adv/ $15 DOS mainstage 8:30 Black Cat.
This show is going to be hipster central. Diplo is a DJ/remixer/etc who does the awesome version of Gold Digger, and Bonde Do Role is a Brazilian Baile funk band that's on his record label. Baile funk is a weird Brazilian genre, they take famous songs and mess them up and add Portuguese singing. The first song samples an Alice in Chains song, for example. The hipsters like it but it sort of grates on me.


alex! said...

you missed a sick Wolfmother show dude...

BethInPortland said...

Boy Eats Drum Machine is from my home town-Portland Oregon. Worth checkin out, seriously!