so I went to see Camera Obscura yesterday at Iota in Clarendon, and it was a good show. I'd heard they sound a lot like Belle and Sebastian, but I didn't really think that was the case. I guess people think that because they are similar to Belle and Sebastian in appearance and stuff: they're also Scottish, they have a lot of band members, they play acoustic stuff and the organ, and their songs are pretty soft, but the music didn't sound much like them. Anyway, it was a good show, and I recommend checking them out. And their new album is called "Underachievers Please Try Harder," which I think is a pretty great title. And Iota is a pretty neat little venue, except I got in trouble because I tried to put my beer on my friend's tab, but her tab was at the other bar, so they came and found me and made me pay. Weird, you'd think a tab could be used at either bar inside the place. Oh well.

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