so this guy at my work lives in Pennsylvania. I work in D.C. This makes absolutely no sense to me, and I overheard him saying that he has a two to three hour commute each way. I mean, do you hate the DC area that much that you'd spend six hours a day, five days a week avoiding it? You're on the road almost as long as you're working! Why not just buy a place somewhere reasonable, like I dunno, an hour away? The absolute nearest place to DC I can find in Pennsylvania is 80 miles away, and I don't travel 80 miles all week. And any money you save living up there has to be eaten up by the money you spend on the train and the time you waste. Is it really that hard to get work in Pennsylvania that you have to work two states away? Is there a Dust Bowl or something? I think we need to contact the president and stop the depression in southern PA.

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