so I read that Michael Jackson is trying to get the networks that show music videos to pull Eminem's new video, "Just Lose It," because it makes fun of him. I think everybody already knew that MTV sucks, but it's ridiculous if they do pull it, basically they are saying that musicians can't say anything bad about other musicians, unless it's on MTV News. And I mean, how is a rapper dissing other musicians new? That happens all the time. I've seen the Eminem video and it's pretty funny and really not that offensive, Emimen is wearing a Santa Claus costume and raps "Come here little kiddie, on my lap. Guess who's back with a brand new rap," then says something like "that's not a rip on Michael, just a metaphor," and then dances on a sidewalk that lights up (like the Billie Jean video) and sets his hair on fire (like that Pepsi commercial). BET has pulled the video, which is stupid of them to do. First off, I think Michael Jackson needs some thicker skin (literally! ha!). If you think and then tell everybody that it's totally normal for grown men to sleep in the same bed as little kids they aren't related to, I think you ought to know you're going to get made fun of. And anyway, why does Michael Jackson have any influence? He hasn't had a decent song in at least 10 years. Christina Aguilera and Fred Durst are pretty lame, but at least they didn't whine and try to get the networks to pull Eminem's other videos that make fun of them. Well, maybe they did. But see for yourself, here's the video, which is pretty hilariously stupid, in my opinion:


And an article on Michael Jackson being offended:


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