so I went to see the Libertines yesterday at the 9:30 Club, it was alright. The sound was pretty muddled at first, it was hard to distinguish the instruments and the lead singer's voice was hard to understand. However, the singer has been kicked out of the band for drugs and alcohol a couple times, so maybe he was just slurring. The band was loud however and the bass was good, and I did recognize some songs I knew and liked, but I was a little underwhelmed at first. The sound got better as the show went on though and I could start to distinguish words, even in songs I didn't know. It was weird for awhile though since I knew what he was supposed to be singing, but heard sort of "ahmm mmee gguurr" or whatever, parts of sounds. And I guess you could say they didn't connect with the audience either really until the very end when the drummer said "Washington is great!" and sounded genuine. But otherwise, they didn't say much at all or do anything. But in any case, it was pretty enjoyable, even if the sound wasn't that great. I still really like their first CD, Up The Bracket, and some day I plan on posting a review. It seemed like the songs from that CD are a lot catchier and hookier than the new songs they played.

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