so I think those “Drug Free Zone” signs are stupid. Aren’t drugs already illegal? “Well, you aren’t allowed to have drugs anywhere, but if you have them here on this block, look out mister, they are extra-illegal.” I guess the drug free zones are supposed to be around churches and schools and stuff, but if something’s illegal, it’s illegal. You can’t be more illegal. Kind of dumb. And are other areas not drug-free? And what about other crimes? “Well, you killed somebody, and you’re in a Murder Free Zone, so we’ll probably arrest you or something.” Why not just make the whole country an “Illegal Activity Free Zone”? If it’s illegal and you do it in this zone here between Canada and Mexico, you will get in trouble. Or just make the signs say “Increased penalties for drugs here” rather than “Drug Free Zone.” But I guess that’s not as catchy.

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