The Fashion - "Like Knives"

so this is an extremely hipstery jam (after all, the band is called The Fashion) but I like it. The song is called "Like Knives" and they're a Danish band who's been compared to LCD Soundsystem and Head Automatica, according to their Wikipedia. I can see that. Unfortunately I can't embed the video, but here's the link.

Here's their Myspace.

The video is kind of like "Subterranean Homesick Blues".



so I think the word "disgruntled" is pretty funny. Is anyone actually gruntled? "Man, I am so gruntled about my vacation! It's gonna rule!" I think I am going to start using that to mean excited and happy.


New Site

so as you can tell, I'm fiddling with the design of the blog. It was getting hard to fiddle with and looking kind of old. If you have any thoughts/ideas/concerns/etc let me know.

Troy McClure

so today's Wikipedia featured article is Troy McClure. That's pretty funny. You may remember him from such films as McBain IV: Fatal Discharge and The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel.


Baseball Stadium Names

so I was looking through my old emails and saw that I wrote this in 2004 - it's my suggestions for names for the Nationals' ballpark. It still kind of fits, since the stadium is currently called "Nationals Park." Here's what I wrote back in the day:

Baseball is returning to the District and with it comes a new stadium. And just like your garage band back in middle school, the first thing that stadium will need is a name. Here are a few suggestions for the future owners to consider.

Worldcom Park
: It was hip for a few years for dotcom companies to buy the naming rights of stadiums, like the Baltimore Ravens' Psinet Stadium. Psinet, whatever it was, went bust and the stadium was renamed. Worldcom Park honors the D. C. area's important role in the dotcom bubble while providing some funds for the team. (To be renamed MCI Park in three years or when they become solvent, whichever comes first).

Anthony Williams Field: the only major league park with a bowtie-shaped outfield.

Pete Rose Stadium: If Ronald Reagan can fire air traffic controllers and still get an airport named after him, why not a baseball stadium named for famous bettor Charlie Hustle?

Ballpark Franks Ballpark: Hot dog companies have deep pockets that plump when you cook 'em.

city living, DC style! Field
: Furthering our beloved motto by showing everyone how much fun industrial areas are.

Walter Johnson Stadium: Named for a famous local high school.

The Ballpark Not in Anacostia: Reminding jittery suburbanites where the stadium actually is (west of the Potomac) while teasing the Texas Rangers, who were the Washington Senators from 1968 to 1971. (Possible alternate: The Ballpark Not In Arlington)

Jumbo Slice Field: If the Real Jumbo Slice, Original Jumbo Slice, and Real Original Jumbo Slice chains pool their money, they may be able to come up with enough to memorialize their contribution to DC cuisine.

"Bitch Set Me Up!" Memorial Stadium: No explanation necessary.

And whatever names our future sports moguls choose, a Peter Angelos Memorial Port-a-John should be included.

Poverty Hollow

so here's where I want to live.


Sounds like a nice place.



so I've been using Twitter recently a fair amount. It's kinda neat - sort of like a miniblog/status update thing. If anybody has it, I'm wisemana on there, add me.


John McCain is your jalopy

so this is the funniest political satire I've seen in awhile. It's a website that says "John McCain" followed by old people jokes: he "worries about 'Red China'", "is reading Parade magazine," "had a bowl full of Werther's Original," "sent you 10 dollars for your birthday" etc.

There's also a Hillary one and an Obama one, with Hillary doing bad stuff and Obama doing super nice stuff.

The Chicago Tribune wrote about it.



So I think it's strange that people are named Shiloh. I've known a few folks (mostly girls) named it, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their kid Shiloh. I guess it has a nice ring to it and it means "peace" in the Bible, but Shiloh was also one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. I don't know anybody (aside from a Suicide Girl) named, say, Antietam or Chickamauga or Chancellorsville. What's next? Thermopylae Smith? Dien Bien Phu Jones? Fallujah Henderson?


5 Word Movie Reviews

so my buddy does five word movie reviews. They're pretty funny, check em out.


so I just got a spam email with the funniest subject: "I know what females do on a farm. NEVER leave them there unattended!"

What, pick vegetables? Walk around? Milk cows?


so I used to think the Mates of State were super annoying - that they were a married couple with cutesy, overlapping boy-girl vocals, and a bunch of schizophrenic mini-songs in each song, some of which were good, some of which were annoying - it drove me nuts. But I listened a few more times and they grew on me. They have a new album, Rearrange Us, coming out, and it's streaming on the Myspaces. I like it.

It seems to be more produced than their other records, with more atmosphere and an expanded sound from just the keyboard and drums they used to have. It's less frenetic and more focused - more "mature" I bet I'll see in some reviews. "Rearranger" is a good track, and none of them are duds really. I think I will pick it up. Unfortunately they don't have a DC show, but they'll be in Philly for the Popped! Festival.


so I also want to purchase this item

I first saw it on Drivenbyboredom.com, but watch out, sometimes there are boobs on that site.


so I want to purchase all the items at this store.


so I really like the two new songs by Islands, "Creepers" and "The Arm". They'll be in DC on May 23rd, I'm there.

Islands are a kooky band of Montrealers. They put out fun, enthusiastic music.


so Santogold is the new buzz music person. She's a singer/rapper from Brooklyn via Philly who's been compared to MIA - kinda funky world music-ish hip hop. I think MIA is annoying, but hey. Here's an unreleased Santogold MP3.

Her album came out April 29 and has been getting good reviews. Here's her Myspace.


so this weather forecaster is pretty attractive.

She's got a bunch of videos. And the sports weather guy is funny, he does the DC forecasts usually also, he's nuts.

UPDATE: Well, the video above used to be of this woman below. Now it's some dude. Whatever. Here's who I was referring to originally:


so this is pretty funny. A Washington Nationals preview using the Wu Tang Clan.

I've never heard of Pete Orr though. Maybe I missed something.