so I used to think the Mates of State were super annoying - that they were a married couple with cutesy, overlapping boy-girl vocals, and a bunch of schizophrenic mini-songs in each song, some of which were good, some of which were annoying - it drove me nuts. But I listened a few more times and they grew on me. They have a new album, Rearrange Us, coming out, and it's streaming on the Myspaces. I like it.

It seems to be more produced than their other records, with more atmosphere and an expanded sound from just the keyboard and drums they used to have. It's less frenetic and more focused - more "mature" I bet I'll see in some reviews. "Rearranger" is a good track, and none of them are duds really. I think I will pick it up. Unfortunately they don't have a DC show, but they'll be in Philly for the Popped! Festival.

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