so apparently they're getting rid of Sparks. Some attorneys general are suing MillerCoors, which makes it, for a number of stupid reasons. To wit:

Argument: It's marketed to underage people.

This is bogus. Everyone I know who drinks it (me included) is 25 or older. And even if it is marketed to underage people (and how would it be? During Hannah Montana episodes?), you get carded when you buy alcohol anyway! If some kid brought a can of Sparks to the counter and he is able to buy it, it's the liquor store's fault, not MillerCoors. They stopped cigarettes from being advertised, why not stop Sparks?

Argument: People think the caffeine will counteract the alcohol.

Seriously, this is a real argument made by the attorney general of Maryland. Where did this guy go to school, DeVry? Anyone who thinks that is a moron, and that has nothing to do with Sparks. And anyway, why would you drink alcohol if you thought caffeine would counteract it? That makes no sense.

Argument: It's bad for you.

What, and other alcohol is good for you? Beer makes you smart? Jagermeister will help you lift heavy stuff? We know it's bad for you, and we don't care.

If you feel the same way, there's a Facebook group, and you can email the Attorney General of Maryland -- hopefully a reasonable email.


caddy said...

I feel the same way. But it seems from what I've read that any fight will be for naught - I guess it's just time to stock up on Sparks before they stop making it .....

G.H. said...

The Rockist Society is firmly behind your efforts to keep Sparks around. Tilt, too.

Sadly, I think we lost.