Samuel L. Jackson cab driver

So today I had a pretty awesome cab driver.

I was going to work, and as soon as I got in, he yelled "FUCK! It's Friday! They gonna run us over!" or something to that effect about the buses and cars on the street. He had the exact same tone and voice as Samuel L., it was kind of uncanny. It was mostly joking and pretty hilarious, he kept doing it on 16th Street, honking and hollering, sometimes just random stuff: "SOMERSAULTS!", and him and me were laughing it up.

Other than the Samuel L yelling, he was a totally normal guy, talking about what he thought of the meter and stuff. Then when I got work, the fare was $10 so I gave him $12, and he gave me $1 back, saying that's for church, or remember me when you get a drink today. Pretty cool. I like interesting cabbies.

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