Metal Detector Morons

so probably my biggest pet peeve lately is with metal detectors. People, take the crap out of your pockets before you get to the metal detector!

We have a bunch of detectors at work, and the security guards used to be pretty lackadaisical about checking - folks would beep and they'd just wave them through. Fox 5 did a big expose, some folks got fired and the Protective Services chief was suspended, so now they check more.

But what drives me nuts is the people who wait until they get right up to the front before taking all the crap out of their pockets. Then everybody else is just sitting there, waiting for Joe Moron to take his cell phone, keys, wallet, change, etc etc out of his pocket. Then he forgets to take his Bluetooth cyborg I-look-like-a-doofus earpiece out, so he has to go back through again.

Folks could have done all that 5 minutes ago when they were still in the middle of the line, but they don't, so it results in gridlock in the morning when everybody is waiting to get in. I'm sure people have been through a metal detector at least once in their life before, they shouldn't be shocked by this electrical device and forget how to function. The line was literally out the door the other day; it took ten minutes or so to get from the front door to the elevators.

Plus they still just wave you through if you beep.

Awesome photo by jasoneppink

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