so I just saw "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane," and may I just say it's a forgotten classic. It's Andrew Dice Clay's movie, also starring Priscilla Presley, Gilbert Gottfried, the guy who says "Warriors, come out to play-ay!!" and a host of other legends. It was made in 1990 and stars the Diceman as Ford Fairlane, a rock n roll detective who likes bimbos and fast cars, according to the blurb on my On Demand.

It's terrible. It's even award-winningly terrible, it won three Razzies that year and was nominated for three more. It's by Joel Silver and Renny Harlin, if that means anything.

But it's also really funny in a terrible way. The movie is very 1990, with Tone Loc, hair metal (Vince Neil as a rock singer), sorority girls doing jazzercise, and more. Plus added Wayne Newton and koala bears. I recommend it, especially say, post bars or a lazy night. It causes a lot of "what the hell" responses, as in, this guy was famous? What just happened? A koala bear? But he's actually pretty amusing, in a completely obvious and stereotypical way. It's kinda like Teen Wolf, in that it really shows the cheesy stuff about that time period, but it's not as clever as Teen Wolf.


Aaron M said...

Renny Harlin has made some pretty terrible films (including Fairlane). To wit:

Exorcist: The Beginning
Deep Blue Sea
Cutthroat Island
Die Hard 2 (note: not a terrible film, but definitely the worst Die Hard movie)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Honestly, what producers keep saying "Hey, let's hire Renny Harlin?" Unless they are all closet Cliffhanger fans or something. The man has three movies that are currently either filming or in pre-production! I just don't get it.

To be fair, though, I'd probably watch any of these movies after seven or eight beers. So I'll just shut up now.

Jess said...

Maybe they keep hiring him because he's doing Geena Davis?