so today we performed the important duty of canvassing the ski slopes. We went to Pat's Peak in Henniker, NH, and it was pretty good, not a big mountain but decent snow. I wore a Chris Dodd shirt for funniness.

Last night we did a little canvassing, going door to door to talk to folks, and a couple folks seemed to be interested - it helps that the the guys I'm up here with are veterans. I sorta feel like they aren't being utilized super effectively, but hey. Then we went out at night, as usual, and hit JDs, where my buddy met some people, including some undersecretary of state and Will Matthews, a guy who used to play for the Detroit Lions - he was Cedric Benson's fullback at Texas. He was a pretty cool guy and now does music and art stuff in Austin. And the waitress told us that our booth was where Viggo Mortensen was sitting earlier in the night, but we didn't see him anywhere.

Eugene Mirman and a bunch of other indie-type comedians were at JDs too and looked bored and I said hi. I've seen Eugene in concert a few times, he's really weird and funny. They were in NH doing stuff for a new comedy site, 23/6, it's apparently related to the Huffington Post. Get it, 23/6 not 24/7.

After that we went to Strange Brew with Will and some other Obama folks, and I met up with a girl I know who works for the state Democratic party. Drinking etc, a very drunk National Guard soldier was there, etc. Then the bar closed, but JDs was still open, so we drunkenly went back, and Shepard Smith from Fox News was there. He was a nice guy and we got some photos with him. Probably other stuff happened but I don't recall. Alzheimers. Now we're going downtown to party. Apparently Obama is up, thanks to our hard work no doubt.

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