so this has been all over the news - CNN, the Post, DCist, etc. It snowed in Virginia and a kid at Lake Braddock Secondary School called a school administrator at home after not reaching him at his office to ask why they didn't cancel school. The administrator's wife called the kid back and left him a really nasty message. It's ridiculous. Maybe the kid shouldn't have called, but 1. If you work for the school system you should be smart enough not to list your number, and 2. Don't call the kid back! What's wrong with this woman?

UPDATE: I also found that the lady is listed on the staff page for another Fairfax County school, Eagle View Elementary. That makes it even worse, that she works for the school system and makes this kind of call to students. She's listed as Candi Tistadt, not Candy Tistadt as it is in the articles, but it's got to be the same lady.

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